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The Palaeoclimate Intercomparison Project (PMIP) has coordinated a set of climate model simulations for several time periods in the past. The variability working group is aimed at furthering the analysis of past climate variability (mainly interannual).

This website contains the data and images created by NCAR's Climate Variability Diagnostics Package for all the PMIP simulations uploaded to ESFG. The intention of this effort is to (a) provide a first look at variability in PMIP, (b) permit quick assessment of the potential of future research studies, and (c) provide pre-computed time series/patterns to allow studies to compare to climate variability, without needing to the download underlying model output yourself.

Each Experiment

Variability in all the model simulations for each experiment.

Summary Figures

An inexhaustive collection of images comparing the behaviour of climate variability across different climate models and time periods.


Assessing the historical simulations against the 20th Century Reanalysis.


Download the data to perform your own investigations.