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Philip Lewis

Professor of Remote Sensing

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email: p.lewis@ucl.ac.uk              ph:  +44-020-7679-0585

web:    http://www.geog.ucl.ac.uk       fax: +44-020-7679-4293

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NERC NCEO PhD available NOW: Land surface GPP and land-atmosphere interactions from GOSAT fluorescence

MSc Remote Sensing and Environmental Mapping

Seminar and related information
Application and course information: MSc Remote Sensing
Application and course information: MSc Environmental Mapping


  • ESA EO-LDAS: Refining Land Surface Product Consistency and Quality from Sensor Constellations
  • ESA EO-LDAS software release
  • ESA Data Assimilation Projects
  • Belgian remote sensing science policy
  • Editorial Advisory Board of key journal
  • New Data Assimilation project from the European Space Agency
  • Progress in applying Data Assimilation (DA) approaches to interpreting satellite observations of the Earth's vegetation
  • Forest leaves rich in nitrogen do not help to cool the atmosphere
  • Canopy Structure More Important to Climate Than Leaf Nitrogen Levels, Study Claims
  • UCL Geography researchers receive funding from the National Centre for Earth Observation
  • Radiative Transfer Modelling for the Characterisation of Natural Burnt Surfaces
  • UCL Geography in NERC Science Highlights
  • Earth Observation data and ecosystem modelling
  • LiDAR:Net - A Terrestrial LiDAR Knowledge Exchange (KE) Network
  • European Space Agency funding for modelling of 3D vegetation simulation


    librat MC ray tracing software and instructions for lidar simulation from here.

    Instructions for running ADEL-wheat simulations (on the UCL Geography system only at this point) from here.

    librat MC ray tracing wiki from here

    Some committees


    Some projects

  • Physical interpretation of lidar
  • NERC CTCD (Centre for Terrestrial Carbon Dynamics"
  • NERC National Centre for Earth Observation
  • ESA Fire RT modelling
  • ESA GlobAlbedo
  • ESA EOLDAS (Earth Observation Land Data Assimilation System)
  • local EOLDAS page
  • Spatial Data assimilation in EO-LDAS
  • ESA Data Assimilation projects
  • P theory

    MODIS bihemispherical reflectance (DOY 009, 041, 105 on RGB) scaled [0.016:0.128]


    Department of Geography
    University College London
    Gower St.
    London WC1H 6BT
    United Kingdom

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